Maid Services

After decluttering your home and office, you need an amazing maid service to clear the dust, sand and remove the rubbish from the area. These maid services are the cream of the crop to help you have a lovely, clean environment.

Mi Maids

Mi Maids
MI Maids provides part-time maid service across New Dubai. All our maids are Filipina, speak good English and have relevant experience.


What sets us apart is our commitment to continuous training and customer service. Unlike other companies, we employ a full time supervisor and trainer who is available to our clients at no extra charge.


Also, when you book a regular appointment with MI Maids, we will give you the same maid every week. This is because we understand that by employing us you are inviting our staff into your home and therefore we want to ensure your comfort level through consistency. It also means that the maid understands how you like things done and that things are put away where you want them to be, meaning that we can help keep your home organized as well as clean.

``Not only did I receive super quick and very efficient service, but I didn't have to leave my home to get this sorted! I call this exceptional Customer Service!`` - Wendy