5 Reasons Why Professional Organizers are not the Wicked Witch


    I often hear from clients that they were scared of contacting me initially. Once they have booked the session, most clients say they don’t sleep the night before as they are worrying about the session as well as meeting me and often want to cancel. It always surprises me as I’m generally not a scary person, but I guess if you have not experienced a decluttering and organizing session it can seem like you are going to be working with the Wicked Witch from OZ. So to reassure you that professional organizers are not scary like the Wicked Witch, Read More

How to Curb your Shopping Habits


  If you are a shopper, do you go home with bags and bags of stuff? If this is you and you do not declutter regularly, the stuff can build up until it becomes overwhelming. Also by over-shopping, it can cost you money, time, energy and happiness. To help to release these negative energy and feelings, check out my  tips on how to curb your shopping habits: Organize your wardrobe, kitchen, etc, so you can see how much you have of each item and whether you have room to put in any new items. Before you shop – whether it Read More

Interview with the Learning Curve Podcast


    I was recently interviewed for my first podcast by the owner of the Learning Curve Podcast, Nicholla Henderson! I got to talk about my story from being a Solicitor to being the business woman I am today with DeCluttr Me. Loved doing the podcast and talking with Nicholla, I think I may have to do this again! 🙂 You can hear the full podcast by clicking on the links below: Website Link:   https://goo.gl/03Puu8  Direct Audio link:  –https://goo.gl/Gj5LV6  I hope you enjoy it and get inspired by my story. If you would like to know more about my story please get Read More

Decluttering whilst Grieving


  It is a terrible fact of life that when your loved one passes away, their possessions become your responsibility. Decluttering whilst grieving is never easy and it can take a long time to decide when to start the declutter process. For expats, there is sometimes an urgency to go through the items of your loved one if you have to move from your current location, especially if you have to downsize or leave the country. You could always box the items and store them for a while, but one day they have to be reviewed. When you do decide to Read More

How to Organize your Warehouse


  A warehouse is a necessity for many businesses in the region which produce, import and export inventory. No matter what you are storing in the warehouse, the inventory needs to be easily accessible, in an organized manner. Maintaining an organized warehouse not only allows you to move the goods in an efficient manner, but also allows you to stop feeling like the stuff is about to fall on your head or foot (how many times have you felt that walking around your warehouse??). Here are my strategies for helping you to organize your warehouse so you can track your Read More

National Organising Week starts this week!


National Organising Week between 7-13th November 2016 is designed to celebrate the positive impact of decluttering & organising your home.   APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers is running a third annual National Organising Week asking: why delay letting go of those possessions which are cluttering your home and impacting on your precious living space?  Declutter N.O.W.   So from 7th to 13th November, APDO is launching a mission to encourage UK households to tackle those niggling tasks (we will be starting 1 day earlier here in the UAE!).  APDO specialise in assisting people to clear their clutter and organise their homes, Read More

What Do You Do?


  “What do you do?” – that’s what I get asked often. Whether face to face, via social media, on the phone and at networking events. I bring you peace and calmness. I create a haven where you no longer feel stressed, frustrated and tired. When you walk into your home or your office and see the stuff, do you want to turn around and walk away? Far away. I help stop that feeling. Is your storage room or extra bedroom a dumping ground? We create a room that can be your place to relax, unwind and even meditate as Read More

How Much is too Much


How about clothes? How many pairs of jeans do you own – 5, 20, 100? I own about 10 pairs. That might seem a lot to you, but bear in mind I wear jeans as part of my DeCluttr Me uniform, for meetings (as I don’t need to wear suits any longer), going out in the evening and for casual events.  (If you have a 100 pairs of jeans, in all likelihood it is too much and should be reviewed and decluttered). The key to deciding when you have too much is to review your positive and negative levels when you Read More

The Joy of Simplicity in the Bedroom


Your bedroom is the place for relaxation, sleep and recharging in your home, isn’t it? Then why does your bedroom make you anxious from time to time? Is it because you have turned it into a home for clutter? If that is the case, you will not only keep feeling anxious, but you will not be able to relax completely even while you sleep.     Think about what it would mean to you, and how much it would improve your time in your bedroom, if there were less things in it. Try to keep only the necessities in your Read More

Do I have to throw away everything?



“Do I have to throw away everything”?

I get asked that everytime I speak to someone interested in using my services.

The simple answer is always “No”.

If we threw away everything there would be nothing left for me to organize; and as you may gather, I like organizing items and creating systems, and most importantly using my super duper label machine.


160812 brother label machine



The whole point of engaging a Professional Organizer, is to help you get rid of the things that are taking up space in your life – the clutter. You don’t need 200 pairs of jean shorts, 5 rolls of cellophane wrap,  300 pairs of shoes and definitely not 2 lawn mowers (especially if one is broken) (*all of these examples are true stories by the way).

No justification, argument, or crying can ever justify having that much stuff. Consider whether your will ever have time to wear all of the items of clothes in your wardrobe, unless you wore them every day for the rest of your life (and didn’t buy anything else).

What you need in your life are things that you love using, are used regularly and are not broken. So together I help clients to get rid of items they dislike, are broken, do not fit and have gone way past their use by date (2009 is too old). We work together so that you know what you are throwing away or donating and we can then organize what is left into proper systems so you can find everything easily.

I also like repurposing certain such as pretty jars and tins so they be used for a new purpose, rather than throwing them away. For example, I love using old jars to store flowers to make my home have a slight rustic feel.




But of course you only need to keep a few jars – 5 is usually my limit, anything more starts becoming clutter.

If you have no use for the jars and tins in your life at that moment, recycle them. There will always be another jar that will come into your life in future.

The same logic can be applied for paper carrier bags from designer stores. Yes they are lovely but do you need to keep 50 bags in a cupboard. Do you say that you will use the bags to hold presents for friends and family, but always forget to use them? Did you say yes under your breath, then it is time to get rid of them. If you love the bags so much, frame them and hang them on your wall.

So in answer to the original questions, you don’t have to throw everything away when alone or working with a professional organizer like DeCluttr Me, but always use my mantra:

“If you don’t use it for 3 months (or 6 months if I am in a generous mood) then throw it away”.  (*There are exceptions to the rules like ballgowns which can only be worn once a year or so).

Hope you found this blog helpful! If yes, leave a comment below.



Shelina Jokhiya






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