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    Do you use a storage facility to store items here. What does it contain? Things that you have forgotten about, or items you use but cannot fit in your home. People have various reasons to use a storage facility unit, and some of these reasons are highlighted in this article in Khaleej Times. I also provided my views on why it is good to use a storage facility and when to empty it and stop using it. If you do need to use a storage facility to store items, check out our preferred partners for storage facilities by Read More

Clever Products to Help You have an Organized Car

I always want my car to look as organized and clutter free as possible, especially when I have people in it. I have tried various methods over the years to obtain a zen like zone in my car some successful and some just a waste of money and space. These follow products and tricks that I have tried and tested,  will help you feel less stressed and also save you time when trying to find items in your car.

A storage box is a perfect way to corral items in your boot. I have used a plastic box from IKEA for uses, but now use a box similar to this as it can be folded up when empty. I store reusable shopping bags, screen wash, a few organizing items I need when visiting clients, a beach blanket, rubbish bags (see why below) and also my groceries (it stops them rolling out).


This shoe storage solution is great to use in your car to store items for your kids and yourself. I would also keep spare bottles of water and tissues as I need them often.




















This recommendation to use a cereal box as a rubbish bin is genius! You can get a cereal box in IKEA or in a hypermarket. You can store a roll of rubbish bags in the storage box in the boot of the car (seen up above).





















These hooks can be hung on your headrest and then can be used to hang your handbag, school bags, baby suppliers, rubbish bags…well anything.  Using this, I don’t worry about the contents falling out (especially my lipstick) and I can easily reach for it if I need anything from inside. When I have guests and/or travelling long distances, I hang a rubbish bag on the hook and empty it whenever it is full and we see a rubbish bin.





























The food inside may not be healthy, but this is a great way to store food whilst travelling between clients, meetings and other events during the week (a lady has to eat…).













These silicon cupcake liners line my cup holders. They catch split drinks, crumbs and coins. If dirty it is easy to clean with wet wipes.









It is always good to have a first aid kit at your disposal. This box has been filled with blankets and various first aid items. You may want to reduce the number of items and just have a small first aid box. You can buy a ready made box from the pharmacies.




















The central console area can be a clutter minefield. I found these acrylic trays are a great way to easily store items such as the ones in the pictures below.




















This shower caddy has been used in a clever way to store various items in the car (we may not need to use the space to store mittens (or gloves)).











When you have finished chewing your gum, rather than throwing the container in the recycle bin, fill it up with your coins and then store your container in the drinks holder or in the side door panel.











What products do you use to ensure your car is clutter free and organized? I would love to hear and see you ideas.


If you need help to get organized, contact me by completing the contact form and I will be in touch as soon as possible.


Shelina Jokhiya


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