Life changer! Always smiling despite seeing the mess and clutter I had in the house. During our session, Shelina was kind, very professional, incredibly thorough and efficient. I am really looking forward to working with Shelina again, which I hope is very soon!


The word in Arabic literally means "Carry Us".
This is exactly what Shelina does to ones spirit.
She came into my life, at the peak of its chaos, and lifted me and my spirit high.
Decluttering is a small word for what she really does. So much negative energy is lost within the session,
that I immediately feel I can breathe once more.
Never in my life have I met someone with this level of speed and efficiency.
She comes in fully prepared with sorting bags, boxes, and labels (another source of anxiety for me was choosing box sizes and quantity)
At times when I looked at my things and was just overwhelmed by the clutter, she smiled at me and told me to relax, take a deep breath, and let her handle everything.
Truly amazing, Shelina.
Thank you


I'm eternally thankful for the moment I found Shelina online and the decision I made to go forward with her was by far the best decision I've made in over a decade.

I couldn't seem to pick myself up and declutter my home and it didn't take too long for the mess I had at home to have an adverse affect on both my mind and spirit.

It is an understatement to tell you that after Shelina was finished with her job, everything in my life started falling into place as well.

I started thinking more clearly and I was more inspired to do all the things I used to love doing, I even took better care of myself! I had no idea an organized home could have such a massive impact on a person both professionally and spiritually.

I recommend Shelina to everyone who's looking for a fresh start, because I completely believe a decluttered mind begins with a decluttered home. Shelina is amazing to work with, and she's just as much fun as she is professional, and you don't find passionate people like her everyday.


Taking the decision to call you was very hard but I’m so glad that I did it. I can never thank you enough for all the help you’ve given me. I finally have peace and tranquillity in my living space! The session I had with you is a life changer. I learnt so much and feel I have become a more organized person since.

A Complete transformation!


Life changer! After 15 years of living in my home, I did not know where to begin in order to start delcuttering my bedroom to make space for new possessions and new memories. Within 4 hours, Shelina had injected a new lease of life to my bedroom. I now look forward to hanging my clothes in a certain space which ultimately gives me more time in the morning and has saved me money in the long term, as I can clearly see what I have and don't feel the need to buy unnecessary possessions that are already in my wardrobe.

Shelina was very professional, incredibly thorough and I respected her honest approach when giving her experienced advise on whether I should keep or throw away personal belongings. I am really looking forward to when Shelina can next come by my house, which I hope is very soon!

A. Mehta
A. Mehta

I wanted to take the time to really thank Shelina for organizing not only my home, but also for helping me organize and prep for having my first baby! I don’t know if you want to call it nesting, but wanted to get things in order before the little one arrived! I found Decluttr Me on the web and it sounded like exactly what I needed.


Looking at old paper files in the study, a kitchen with just no set place for things, a closet with over filling old clothes, and a nursery room with just abundant amount of little items that was just too overwhelming to take on by myself. It was unwanted anxiety and stress about how to organize, and put everything in its place so that it would be easy to find for anyone in the house. Shelina came to the rescue with all tools needed and a positive attitude to tackle the tasks that took the load off of me having to do it by myself.


I have to say the two days spent with her were such a blessing! The babies room is nicely organized and everything is so easy to find that the day after she left, my baby came two and half weeks early, but rather then focusing on the room being a mess I was able to focus on my new role as a Mom! It was a great relief to come home from the hospital to having a nursery room clean and organized where it was easy to find everything we needed. Closets with everything stored away from bibs, bottles, to toys! Clothes were nicely placed and organized by size and age making it extremely easy to find exactly what your looking for everyday!


In the process of applying for the baby’s passport we knew exactly where to find our marriage certificate, along with other important documents, as the study was fully set up with labeled folders and files that my husband could easily locate everything he needed in regards to paperwork. It truly was a blessing that we got the help that we needed from Decluttr Me when we did as now the home is running smoother then ever and makes things a lot easier when dealing with being a first time mom! I am truly grateful for Shelina’s help and was such a pleasure to work with her thru our mess!

Dominka Lonsberg
Dominka Lonsberg

We have so much luggage in our house, we have an entire room just with bags, suitcases and carry-ons. Some you met my husband and know that as an international lawyer he travels at least once a week and he could never find the bag he was looking for which led to a lot of pre travel stress in the past.

Thanks to Shelina, our luggage room is now perfectly organized and I am not scared to be attacked by falling bags from top shelves when I enter the room.
I can't thank you enough for making packing now so much easier and enjoying the luggage room again. I love to see all the bags, I forgot we had!
Thank you!

Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group LLC
Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group LLC

We are appreciative of the workshop conducted by Ms Shelina Jokhiya, of Decluttr Me for our employees. The interactive session engaged our staff, motivating them to think of simple ways to create efficient and smooth functioning work spaces.

Shamsa N
Shamsa N

I was extremely happy when I came across the Decluttr Me website, as my Kitchen and pantry needed extreme organizing. Shelina did an amazing job in taking away the stuff that was unneeded, and organizing the kitchen/pantry in a system that was easy to follow. After the pantry being overcrowded, now we even have beautiful empty spaces. Shelina was easy to work with and very focused.

Ignite (formerly Six Delta Solutions)
Ignite (formerly Six Delta Solutions)

We contracted the services of DeCluttr Me to help us sort and re-organise our heaps of equipment we use for team builds. Shelina visited our offices for an initial consultation and gave recommendations of the best systems based on her expertise.


After the initial consultation, they spent a day at our offices organising our items, putting together an inventory and getting rid of the unnecessary items we had been storing. On top of this, they provided us with suitable shelving and storage containers to make our office look much tidier and well organised.


We would highly recommend using DeCluttr Me to other organisations for their professional organizing services.

Jane Gregson-Walters
Jane Gregson-Walters

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much for sorting out our house. I feel like i can breath again. It is so easy to find everything and i am obsessed with your boxes and labels. Seriously, so simple but absolute genius. The house is immaculate and everything has a place, so no more rubbish all over the place. thank you thank you thank you.

This testimonial is Part 2 of my experience of Shelina Jokhiya of DeCluttr Me’s services – Part 1 being her fantastic Clean Desk Policy Seminar. In order to continue the de-cluttering initiative, Triburg had Shelina come in to organise our warehouse office, which was badly in need of a top-to-bottom de-cluttering.

Customer Service Representatives’ CPUs were on top of the desks, and the desks themselves were littered with papers and files. There were even files underneath all the desks. The filing system was “unique” to each CSR, ensuring zero standardization and transparency for the team leader. In addition, they were spending extra time coping with the mess, which was eating away at their productivity – which, in turn, resulted in longer hours worked.

During Shelina’s 8 hours at Triburg, she created a coherent and clearly labelled filing and archive system for people to easily follow. She instilled the realisation and understanding that all files not currently in use should be filed and archived away – which is now finally being fostered and followed in the office.

DeCluttr Me even tackled those awful forgotten areas that every office has – where all the stuff that no-one knows how to get rid of collects!

I would wholeheartedly recommend DeCluttr Me’s services – Shelina is a tornado of tidiness – she will put a standardised system in place that enables your staff to work more smoothly – ensuring more productive workplace! Best of all, they’re looking a lot happier too!

Zaira Mughal
Zaira Mughal

Dear Shelina,

I wanted to write this testimonial to convey how ecstatic we were with your involvement in the DP World International Women’s day event.

You were a breath of fresh air to work with in the lead up to the event, and we appreciate your creativity and flexibility in adjusting the content of your workshop to suit the style and tone of the event.

The workshop itself was very engaging, and you provided many useful tips and practical advice for the attendees to apply to their daily lives immediately.

The feedback we received from the client and guests was extremely positive and we’ll most definitely recommend your services and workshop to our clients for future events.

Best wishes,


Gillian Law
Gillian Law

A huge thank you to Shelina for all her help and assistance during my recent move. Anyone who has moved house will know the stress and hassle especially when working full time and doing it on your own; plus we all know the paperwork trail of doing anything in Dubai. Shelina sourced movers, decorators and cleaners for me and assisted with dealing with the protracted procedure for moving-in permits. She was there on the day organising and supervising the movers in the old apartment, and then at the other end overseeing the moving-in and unpacking. Seriously in no time at all everything was unpacked, undamaged and super organised with not a packing box in sight.

Thanks again for taking all the hassle out of moving, can’t recommend this service enough.

Anita Ahiadromey
Anita Ahiadromey

I met with Shelina for Social media organizing and training because I am completely new to it. Shelina, walked me through the different apps and also showed me how to best tailor it for my business’ needs. Fantastic session and I highly recommend her course for all entrepreneurs.

Anna Yates
Anna Yates
Mind Solutions

No words can express my gratitude to Shelina, for her patience and advice regarding my social media.

Despite her trying very hard to explain it all to me in words of one syllable, twice, I have now had to admit that I am still clueless. So I am delighted and relieved that she has taken over responsibility for my blog, face book sites and twitter, which will give me more time to do my job.

Thanks Shelina!

Thank you Shelina for navigating me through the minefield of Social Media. I am amazed that in just 2 hours Shelina was able to demystify the world of Social Media and give me helpful guidance and tips on how I could use it to promote my business.
I had been putting this off for some time but I now realize it was something I should have done a long time ago. Shelina’s organizational skills as a professional declutterer help her to focus on her clients needs and give clear, honest advice that is easy to follow.
I would be happy to recommend Shelina and DeCluttr Me to anyone like me who shys away from using Social Media because it feels like a minefield. Once you spend some time with Shelina you’ll realize it’s not that scary after all.
Thank you Shelina and DeCluttr Me !

Emma Bradley
Emma Bradley

A big thank you to Shelina for her extremely informative and practical workshop in social media and organisation!

Having recently set up a new business, I was attempting to get to grips with using social media to market our products and was very fortunate to be introduced to Shelina and her wonderful services at Decluttr Me.

Shelina was punctual and professional, making me feel very much at ease during our one to one session. Through her wealth of knowledge and experience, Shelina gave me a clear insight into understanding the power of social media and it’s potential in networking and promoting business, applying these elements in user friendly way. As promised, she followed up the session by forwarding notes and sharing contacts in order to take immediate action in improving communication for our new business venture.

I would highly recommend Shelina for her expertise and lovely manner and will be using her services again in the future!

Fantastic service, reliable, knowledgeable and confidential ( when it comes to papers). Highly recommended!

Shelina is very professional, structured and knowledgeable. For anyone starting their social media, Shelina has been through what you are about to go through and creates excellent value by not allowing you to make the same mistakes that she made when starting out. I would happily recommend this course. Oh, and she has a lovely smile!

As an entrepreneur with a new business, who was somewhat intimidated by the rapidly growing world of the paperless version of marketing my product, I needed help in understanding the potential and practical applicability of social media. I went to Shelina for some help and guidance. She sorted out my Facebook page; my Twitter and Instagram account – all of which now ‘talk’ to each other, ensuring that I have a cohesive and professional message. Shelina also guided me through the key actions to help me get going, so I can spend a bit of time familiarising myself with the differing elements in order to effectively use this new (well for me, anyway) communication paradigm. Shelina made the process painless and with clear steps. She also added a follow-up comment that she would be at the end of a phone in case I needed any gentle redirection. I would thoroughly recommend Shelina. She offers sensible, straight-forward, tech-free advice for those unsure of where to start, interspersed with liberal dollops of humour and laughter. An enjoyable and successful process all round.

My storage cabinet was a mess and i have been putting off organising samples for nearly a year now. Shelina gave me some great ideas to get most out of the small storage space we have in the office. She came in and helped organise a very chaotic boxing “system”.

Would recommend her to anyone looking to sort out that mess we call storage.

Rasheda Khatun
Rasheda Khatun
Design for Life LLC

Thank you so much for our social Media session. I’ve always been frightened to start implementing this for my business as it always seems so complex and time consuming.

You certainly make things straight forward. You have given me a simple timetable to start with giving me the first stepping stone to getting to grips with social media for my business. I can see how incredibly important it is for me to find my rhythm.
Organising my marketing strategy is an essential and now I know, integral part of the success of my business. I hope to work together over the coming months so I can build my fan base and clients taking my business to the next level.
I would certainly recommend you to business owners.

Rhiannon Downie
Rhiannon Downie

Living a very busy life, I rarely have time to just sit down and de-clutter/sort out the mounting list of ‘at home’ tasks I need to complete. To solve one issue of my cluttered and disorganised storage room, I hired Shelina to work her magic.

After an initial telephone conversation/consultation, I sent Shelina some images of my storage room as per her request, in order to give her an idea of what she would be working with. Soon after, we set a date and time (4 hours) for my storage room decluttering session.

Shelina arrived promptly at the time agreed, with her staple products in tow (zip locker bags, bin liners and her trusty label printing machine). After assessing my nightmare of a storage room, Shelina and I got to work removing everything and placing them into piles (throw, charity and keep).

Shelina often works with the person who has hired her, as it is both therapeutic for the person, but also vital that they are there during the process in order to understand the systems that Shelina puts into place when she declutters. She also advises on clever contraptions, bits & bobs that can make your life easier at home.

Let’s just say that when Shelina left my apartment I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. My storage room was organised, tidy and it’s so much easier to now locate things, such as my Bride Club ME prop box, along with a handy sticker provided by Shelina.

If I could have afforded it at the time, I’d hire to sort my whole apartment out and wardrobe…I will be working with Shelina again.

This year I’ve begun an employee engagement initiative which aims to improve employee commitment and productivity. To this end, on the 28th of June, I had Shelina of DeCluttr Me come in to deliver to Triburg Staff her Clean Desk Policy Seminar.

During the seminar, Shelina really drove home some important points, such as how vital a de-cluttered office is to the day-to-day productivity of the people in it. She also called attention of the health, safety & security issues that come with a messy office – which definitely made the management sit up and listen harder! Her tips and suggestions on how to maintain a personalised yet tidy space were helpful and showed the staff you don’t have to be clinical to be de-cluttered.

The most important thing people realised during the DeCluttr Me seminar was how their own individual messes have a huge impact on the way we do business – you could see the realisation on their faces.

As a follow up to the seminar, Triburg also hired DeCluttr Me to come in and help organise our warehouse office the desks within them – the management strongly feel that Shelina’s professional services are going to help us take Triburg further along our path to greater productivity.

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your remarkable initiation to Social Media.

As many Expats in Dubai, we use Social Media – particularly Facebook – to stay in contact with our families, living on two different continents. We completely underestimated the business growth potential and financial value of Social Media.

During this Summer, I thought it might be the right time to get familiar with Social Media Tools, and hence booked the Social Media Session with you. You are so organised! I received a Questionnaire prior to our Session to complete, which enabled you to precisely comprehend our Social Media needs and goals. During our session, I got a very clear understanding of the different platforms and we created our Accounts together. I was thinking I would be overwhelmed by all the information, but your very handy post-Session Guideline Handbook, pointed out each and every aspect covered during our Session. It is fantastic, and I review it whenever I need to refresh my memory.

Now, the following statement remains the greatest testimonial for you Shelina – due to Social Media, GOTS has generated an income of over 35,000 AED in only 4 months!

We will definitely take up more Social Media Sessions from you.

I would tell anybody who is thinking about getting active on Social Media to boost their business : “don’t think, just do it !” Then, having you as a mentor, can only lead to positive results.

We are most grateful towards you.