Decluttr Me specialises in decluttering and re-organising homes and offices within the United Arab Emirates, to enable you to live and work in a calm, organised environment.

We understand it can be difficult to maintain organised surroundings due to our busy lives. That’s when clutter can accumulate and disrupt our lives by releasing negative energy.

By clearing clutter and incorporating Feng Shui influences into your home or office, we can dramatically change the way you live and operate at your home or place of work, making life less stressful, so you can enjoy it and become more productive in achieving your dreams and goals.

Areas where we can help you Decluttr include:

  • Home and office decluttering and organising containing Feng Shui influences.
  • Drafting a document retention policy for use within your company.
  • Creating a project management system;
  • Home styling
  • Downsizing;
  • Organizing your hard drive and even your ITunes account.


Decluttr Me helps by providing you with the support and knowledge needed to transform your surroundings into a stress free environment, which you can enjoy to the full. Approachable, down-to-earth, friendly and understanding, Shelina is the perfect person to help you let go of unnecessary clutter. All sessions are highly confidential.

A free consultation in your home or office can be arranged at a convenient time to you. Click on Contact to find out how to get in touch now.

Why not take the Decluttr Me Personal Organisation Test to establish if you need Decluttr Me’s assistance, to organise your stuff and life.


Testimonials from some of our Happy Customers!

I was extremely happy when I came across the Decluttr Me website, as my Kitchen and pantry needed extreme organizing. Shelina did an amazing job in taking away the stuff that was unneeded, and organizing the kitchen/pantry in a system that was easy to follow. After the pantry being overcrowded, now we even have beautiful empty spaces. Shelina was easy to work with and very focused.

Shamsa N

Fantastic service, reliable, knowledgeable and confidential ( when it comes to papers). Highly recommended!

Mita Ray