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    • Is your clutter taking over your closet?
    • Are you struggling to find your possessions when you need them?
    • Are your employees scared of entering THAT cupboard in the office?


If you have answered yes to these questions, you have come to the right place!


DeCluttr Me was set up in 2013 and has grown to become the UAE’s only licenced home and office organising service with clients in Dubai, all over the United Arab Emirates and Oman (including several VIP clients).


DeCluttr Me takes the time to understand each client’s particular requirements and desired outcomes before commencing any work. Once the initial decluttering has been tackled an innovative, simple system, tailored for each client is introduced in order to make organising on a continuous basis easy and hassle free.


The ethos behind DeCluttr Me is simple, spending one day with our talented professional organiser in confidence, means less time wasted locating and managing your possessions and more time spent doing what you love.

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A little about me: I was born and raised in Kent, England and moved to Dubai in 2005 to start my life here. My family are originally Indian but my parents were born and raised in Kenya and Uganda which gives me a bit of a twist (especially when it comes to our food!).


My background is working as an in-house Solicitor for large corporations in London and Dubai, including Emirates and Bertelsmann. My focus was predominately on Compliance, Company Secretarial, Intellectual Property and general Corporate law, which allowed me to use my skills in organization, negotiation and presenting, always with a high attention to detail, to ensure each company was legally compliant at all times.

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Here is an interview with Shelina explaining DeCluttr Me and her business

  • How to have a stress-free, decluttered bedroom

      Do you know that you spend over a third of your life in your bedroom (especially in those teenage years). That’s why it is always important to have a calm, safe, sanctuary to clear your mind and stress. When you go to sleep or wake up in the morning, you can be directly affected by your bedroom. This infogram provides great tips and tricks on how to have a stress-free, decluttered bedroom:   (Your Guide to a Stress-free Bedroom [Infographic] by the team at The LuxPad)     I especially love the tip on making your bed every morning. By Read More...

  • The Definition of Clutter

      Clutter is “a confusing or disorderly state or collection and possible symptom of compulsive hoarding” – Wikipedia   Clutter is different for everyone. What may be one person’s treasure might be a pile of junk to another. Clutter to me is: anything that doesn’t have a place to live. anything that is broken or needs repairing. anything that no longer has a use or serves its purpose (like clothes, relationships, habits or negative thoughts). anything that messy or unclean. anything overwhelming or disorganized. anything that is overflowing or feeling stuffed. anything that causes confusion. When you look at your Read More...

  • Why Multitasking won’t make you Productive

      Are you checking your Facebook posts, whilst reading this post on your computer? Listening to music, whilst talking to someone? Helping your child with their homework whilst replying to a whatsapp message? Yes? Whilst some of you claim to be amazing at multitasking (I even used to claim it when I was a lawyer), but the truth is (and studies have shown) that multitasking won’t make you productive. When you are multitasking you are not devoting your attention to one task but splitting your attention quickly from one task to another. The overall effect will be that your brain Read More...

  • Why Shopping Whilst DeCluttering is Never a Good Idea

      I recently helped a lovely client to declutter her clothes and accessories which she had bought over a few years. Whilst we were still in the declutter process, a parcel arrived… The parcel was from Net-a-Porter and contained beautiful new clothes to add to the wardrobe.   She then confessed she had been shopping online before I had arrived and ordered more stuff to be delivered later in the week. A few minutes later, I was told I had been called in to help declutter so she could buy new stuff!! Imagine my face. By using a professional organizer Read More...

  • The Joy of Simplicity in the Bedroom

    Your bedroom is the place for relaxation, sleep and recharging in your home, isn’t it? Then why does your bedroom make you anxious from time to time? Is it because you have turned it into a home for clutter? If that is the case, you will not only keep feeling anxious, but you will not be able to relax completely even while you sleep.     Think about what it would mean to you, and how much it would improve your time in your bedroom, if there were less things in it. Try to keep only the necessities in your Read More...

  • 10 Awesome Organizing Products from the new IKEA 2017 Catalogue

      Last week I was invited by the lovely team at IKEA Dubai to attend their launch event for the new IKEA Catalogue for 2017. We got to see great new products, including organizing ones, for the bedroom, kitchen and lounge areas, but also try some food which will be sold in their restaurant (3 words – pulled salmon sandwiches – you will thank me later!). As always once I have the catalogue in my hands, I will be incommunicado for an hour devouring the new products and layouts. This season there are some great pieces to store your items in Read More...

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