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Discover my secret to reduce your paper clutter

You'll learn how I cut down 80% of the paper stored in my home and office.Plus a bonus I will give you the best place to get a karak chai!

Welcome to DeCluttr Me


  • Are you drowning in clutter and overwhelmed with stuff?
  • Do you struggle to find things when you need them most?
  • Is it difficult for you to cope with commitments, deadlines and to-do lists?
  • Do you feel you neither have the time nor inclination to sort it out yourself or show your staff how to manage it?
  • Is the thought of tackling it on your own too daunting?

If you have answered yes to these questions, you have come to the right place!

We provide Decluttering and Organization Services for the home and office throughout, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the United Arab Emirates as well as the GCC countries.

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A little about me: I was born and raised in Kent, England and moved to Dubai in 2005 to start my life here. My family are originally Indian but my parents were born and raised in Kenya and Uganda which gives me a bit of a twist (especially when it comes to our food!).


My background is working as an in-house Solicitor for large corporations in London and Dubai, including Emirates and Bertelsmann. My focus was predominately on Compliance, Company Secretarial, Intellectual Property and general Corporate law, which allowed me to use my skills in organization, negotiation and presenting, always with a high attention to detail, to ensure each company was legally compliant at all times.

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  • How to Organize a Perfect Workplace at Home

      Recently, here at Decluttr Me, we’ve posted a useful article about ways to have a creative home office. Your perfect workplace should be not only creative but well-organized as well. Thus, today we’re going to tell secrets about home workplace organization. Believe it or not, your workplace impacts your creativity, concentration, and cleverness. Once you organize a perfect workplace, you can become more productive and, therefore, complete tasks on a high-level faster. Many thanks to OmniPapers who have shared an informative piece of writing about workplace organization. Pay attention to this infographic as you can find out interesting ideas Read More...

  • The “Stop Doing” List

      I often talk about having a to-do list and have even recommended apps such as Ticktick and Todoist to use to keep your list of to-do’s in one place. However, we also need a stop doing list. These are the items you need to stop doing on a daily basis which can increase your clutter and make your more disorganized. Having a simple list of things to stop doing can help you bring order to your life. Here are the items on my stop doing list: 1. Desk Space Keeping printer paper on your desk (store it in an Read More...

  • How to Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh and Odour Free

      Whether you have a built-in wardrobe (which doesn’t fit your clothes) or wardrobes and cupboards from Ikea, Home Center or Marina, the clothes, accessories and shoes can easily absorb odours. The odours may be from your perfumes or oud, smoke and shisha or other outside aromas. If you are living in older apartments or villas, your wardrobes may have a stale or musty smell in it. Many times this smell is due to poor ventilation and air conditioning. I often have followers or clients asking about the best way to keep their wardrobe, shoe closets and cupboards fresh and Read More...

  • {Infogram} 9 Awesome Ways to Have a Creative Home Office

      I love working from home: I get to wear my loungewear, have cat cuddles every so often and there are no distractions from employees. However, I can be distracted which can result in me losing valuable time during the day. To help me increase my productivity in my home office, I used this handy infogram which sets out 9 awesome ways to have a creative home office.     I was particularly impressed with the colour psychology and feel much calmer and positive with greens and blues injected into my office. Which tips have you found useful for your home office Read More...

  • Clear Your Table, Clear Your Mind

        I often get complaints from followers about their messy tables and desks desks, whether it be in their office, home office, children’s desk at home or even the dining table. The tables and desks seem to be a magnet for clutter to accumulate. Whether you are at work or at home studying, it is important to have a clear desk to encourage you to be productive. The desk needs to be free of distraction and enable you to get on with your work easily. Here are some simple tips to help you clear your table, clear your mind: Read More...

  • Media – Executive Women – Interview with Shelina Jokhiya

      I was recently interview by Executive Women Magazine on starting DeCluttr Me and the challenges I faced over the last 2 years. You can see the full article by clicking here. Executive Women Magazine is a memoire portraying inspiring and flourishing women entrepreneurs, who are changing the face of business and giving an added value to their social life, as well as daring to pursue their education dreams and reach new career horizons. Thank you to Marie-Christine Tayah for the interview. Hope you enjoy and get inspired!             © 2013-15 Decluttr Me | All Read More...

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