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Discover my secret to reduce your paper clutter

You'll learn how I cut down 80% of the paper stored in my home and office.Plus a bonus I will give you the best place to get a karak chai!

Welcome to DeCluttr Me


    • Is your clutter taking over your closet?
    • Are you struggling to find your possessions when you need them?
    • Are your employees scared of entering THAT cupboard in the office?


If you have answered yes to these questions, you have come to the right place!


Decluttr Me was set up by Shelina Jokhiya over 3 years ago in response to a gap in the market for a professional organising service. Since then DeCluttr Me has grown to become the UAE’s only licenced home and office organising service with several VIP clients and has recently become the one of the first international accredited member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers UK).


DeCluttr Me takes the time to understand each client’s particular requirements and desired outcomes before commencing any work. Once the initial decluttering has been tackled an innovative, simple system, tailored for each client is introduced in order to make organising on a continuous basis easy and hassle free.


The ethos behind DeCluttr Me is simple, spending one day with our talented professional organiser means less time wasted locating and managing your possessions and more time spent doing what you love.

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A little about me: I was born and raised in Kent, England and moved to Dubai in 2005 to start my life here. My family are originally Indian but my parents were born and raised in Kenya and Uganda which gives me a bit of a twist (especially when it comes to our food!).


My background is working as an in-house Solicitor for large corporations in London and Dubai, including Emirates and Bertelsmann. My focus was predominately on Compliance, Company Secretarial, Intellectual Property and general Corporate law, which allowed me to use my skills in organization, negotiation and presenting, always with a high attention to detail, to ensure each company was legally compliant at all times.

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  • Find out Your Clutterer Type for the First Time

      During my time as a professional organizer I have seen various types of clutterers. All of them are covered in stuff whether in their home or office but some hide it, whereas others seem to trip over their clutter on a regular basis. Experts have shown that there can be a spectrum of clutterers with one side being the extreme declutterers who then regret throwing everything (and I mean everything!) away to the sentimental clutters who find every item holds some sentimental value to them. If you have ever wondered which one you were, take this quiz and find out Read More...

  • Media – BudgetDumpster – 5 Quick and Easy Decluttering Tips

      DeCluttr Me have had the privilege to be included in the new article by BudgetDumpster providing five quick and easy decluttering tips. The sensible, common sense tips are from various professional organizers including us. If you need some quick tips to declutter today, check out the article by clicking here. They also have a DeClutter guide you can download from their site to help you get further with decluttering and organizing.   I hope you enjoy the article!                   © 2013-16 Decluttr Me | All rights reserved – This post is Read More...

  • 5 Tips to Help You Manage your Time

      I have spoken to a few mothers recently who have found it difficult to manage their time and expectations in their daily life. They have to ensure the kids get up, ready for school, cook meals for the family (which must be incredibly healthy, organic, gluten free, GMO free and any other free), ensure the house is clean and clutter free, do the shopping, ensure the schoolwork is completed, the kids are happy and lastly ensure that the husband is happy. Just writing that list exhausted me so imagine how these women feel! These mothers asked for tips and tricks on how to manage Read More...

  • 7 Tricks to Make your Room Feel Larger

      For many residents in the region living in apartments and villas, space can be a premium. Storage solutions seem to be sparse and furniture seems to get bigger and bigger.  You also may have moved countries with all your stuff into homes that do not have the space to fit all of it or could be decorating your space making it seem smaller. Furniture plays a huge factor in making your home seem clutter and small if the pieces are too big or bulky. A trick I have learnt over the years is to move the furniture away from the windows Read More...

  • Media – Entrepreneur April 2016 – Six Ways to get rid of Junk

    DeCluttr Me wrote a piece for Entrepreneur Middle East’s April 2016 called “Six Ways to get rid of Junk for a more Productive Workspace”. You can read the full article below.   Hope you find it helpful!           © 2013-16 Decluttr Me | All rights reserved – This post is provided for the convenience of Decluttr Me readers. Any reproduction of the content within this feed is strictly prohibited.  ...

  • Being Organized Post Networking

      I attend a lot of networking events to: a) meet new people, b) meet old friends and acquaintances, c) talk about business, d) learn something that will help my business (possibly), and/or e) be inspired by the speakers. Being in the village of Dubai, you get to meet the same people, but there are always new people to meet and talk to about my business. I am not an advocate of forcing my business card at people I meet, but if people ask for my details or say they need to book me for my decluttering and organizing services, I always give them Read More...

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