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Discover my secret to reduce your paper clutter

You'll learn how I cut down 80% of the paper stored in my home and office.Plus a bonus I will give you the best place to get a karak chai!

Welcome to DeCluttr Me


    • Is your clutter taking over your closet?
    • Are you struggling to find your possessions when you need them?
    • Are your employees scared of entering THAT cupboard in the office?


If you have answered yes to these questions, you have come to the right place!


Decluttr Me was set up by Shelina Jokhiya over 3 years ago in response to a gap in the market for a professional organising service. Since then DeCluttr Me has grown to become the UAE’s only licenced home and office organising service with several VIP clients and has recently become the one of the first international accredited member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers UK).


DeCluttr Me takes the time to understand each client’s particular requirements and desired outcomes before commencing any work. Once the initial decluttering has been tackled an innovative, simple system, tailored for each client is introduced in order to make organising on a continuous basis easy and hassle free.


The ethos behind DeCluttr Me is simple, spending one day with our talented professional organiser means less time wasted locating and managing your possessions and more time spent doing what you love.

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A little about me: I was born and raised in Kent, England and moved to Dubai in 2005 to start my life here. My family are originally Indian but my parents were born and raised in Kenya and Uganda which gives me a bit of a twist (especially when it comes to our food!).


My background is working as an in-house Solicitor for large corporations in London and Dubai, including Emirates and Bertelsmann. My focus was predominately on Compliance, Company Secretarial, Intellectual Property and general Corporate law, which allowed me to use my skills in organization, negotiation and presenting, always with a high attention to detail, to ensure each company was legally compliant at all times.

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  • Media – Expat Bloke – How to Organize your Closet

      DeCluttr Me’s blokette (!) Shelina, provided her tips for men to organize their closet in Expat Bloke recently. You can read the tips in full here. Let me know if they help you or your partner get organized!               © 2013-16 Decluttr Me | All rights reserved – This post is provided for the convenience of Decluttr Me readers. Any reproduction of the content within this feed is strictly prohibited.  ...

  • 12 Tips on How to Organize Your Life Now

      Whilst helping clients decluttering and organizing their home, office and life, I often get asked what are my top tips for staying organized. Over the years I have built up tricks and habits to stay organized (especially when juggling life as a solopreneur, home owner and social media addict). These are my 12 tips on how to organize your life now (and how I stay organized every day): Create a to do list – I use the app TickTick religiously. It syncs on my computer and phone so I can update wherever I am. The beauty of this app is that Read More...

  • Media – New Day – Five Instagrammers who will inspire you

      Very excited to be mentioned as one of the five instagrammers who will inspire you in New Day this month. You can check out the article above. I’m off to follow the other accounts! 🙂             © 2013-16 Decluttr Me | All rights reserved – This post is provided for the convenience of Decluttr Me readers. Any reproduction of the content within this feed is strictly prohibited.  ...

  • DeCluttering & Organizing Your Fridge & Freezer

      Considering I am a professional organizer, I occasionally find too much clutter in certain areas of my life. This clutter cloud usually hangs over my fridge and freezer. I seem to keep buying food but not cooking it (I can’t say no to a dinner invitation), or due buying too many different types of Indian pickles.   To stem this clutter cloud I decided to declutter and organize my fridge and freezer immediately. This is what I did and recommend you do when decluttering and organizing your fridge and freezer next: Keep the rubbish bin or garbage bags near you. If you Read More...

  • How to Revise in an Organized Way

      As the school year comes closer to ending for the summer holidays, the only hurdle left are exams! I spent many years at school, university and post graduate studying for those summer exams so I feel for the students each year and also glad that I have stopped studying!  When I was studying, I was organized and very rarely did last minute revision. It was naturally in me to have a structure in place, but this may not be the case for many students. To help you get more organized here are my tips on how to revise in an organized Read More...

  • Wrap-It – The Review

      Do you have wrapping paper in one place, cards in a desk drawers and ribbon in random places throughout the house? I store my wrapping paper in a garment bag holder (see my post on this from the past), my birthday cards, etc are in a basket and the ribbon, well they are in random locations. Then Adam Levine of Wrap-It got in touch and told me the “World Greatest Gift Wrap Organizer” (his words not mine!). I thought it was a gimmick, but he convinced me to try it out and sent over the deluxe version of the Wrap-It (NB: I paid Read More...

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